When Buying Olive Oil, Knowledge Is Power (by Nancy H. Jenkins for ZESTER DAILY)

It’s an old story — you’ve heard it before, and not just from me — but it’s coming around again. Predictably, just as U.S. specialty markets begin to trumpet the arrival of fresh new-harvest, extra virgin olive oil comes the warning that it ain’t what it seems.

According to journalist Tom Mueller, speaking on the popular CBS News program “60 Minutes,” an astonishing 80 percent of the extra virgin olive oil sold in the United States does not meet the standards for extra virgin.

That statement requires some clarification. To be characterized as extra virgin, legal parameters must be met. They are set by the International Olive Council, and they are liberal. The oil, for instance, must have only 0.8 percent free oleic fatty acid and a peroxide content of 20 milliequivalents, or meq.

But there’s more. To qualify as extra virgin, an oil must be free of …

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    Hello, the website referenced “zester daily” appears to have been shut down. Will you repost the full EVOO article here? Randomly, I would be happy post the article on my blog (the bigger version is under construction), but the one at my portfolio website is viewable. There will be lots of food posts in due time. Kind regards, -felicia

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