wild strawberries

Speaking Tuscan in the Kitchen?

Have you ever searched for wild strawberries in the Tuscan spring?

wild fennel

Inhaled the fragrance of young wild fennel greens?

new oil

Tasted extra-virgin olive oil as fresh as the day it was made?

Rolled fine egg pasta by hand till it’s delicately thin as the finest silk?

Are you ready to wake up your senses?

Your nose, your eyes, your palate, even your sense of touch,
all come alive when you cook and taste, simmer and savor,
in the Olive Oil Kitchen at Villa Campestri.

Nancy Harmon Jenkins invites you to join her May 20 – 26  for five days of cooking focusing on Tuscan traditions and how we use our beloved extra-virgins—in the kitchen and at the table. Working with Nancy and Villa Chef Jerry Zanieri, you’ll learn what oils to use in a range of dishes from antipasti and pastas all the way through to breads and desserts and you’ll have a wonderful time as you cook your way through the most cherished dishes of the Tuscan tradition, gaining competence and confidence in the Olive Oil Kitchen.

Five days and six nights at this beautifully restored historic resort high in the hills above the gorgeous Mugello valley, just half an hour north of Florence, include:

  • Accommodation in one of the Villa’s 32 beautifully furnished rooms, and a chance to experience all its delights, from a stroll or a hike through the beautiful grounds to the luxury of an olive oil massage; mountain bikes are available, there’s an Etruscan tomb to contemplate, or you can just relax on the Villa’s sunny terrace with a prosecco and a view that inspired Giotti himself
  • Five hands-on cooking classes, limited to 8 to 12 students, preparing lunch or dinner, including hand-made pasta and its sauces, baking in the wood-fired oven, and Tuscan traditional dishes such as ribollita, arista di maiale, crostini rossi e neri, et cetera
  • All other meals, including wines, either at the Villa or in several carefully selected restaurants nearby
  • A chance to understand the whole process of olive oil production, why some oils are great and others less so
  • A structured tasting of a variety of olive oils with expert Gemma Pasquali, to understand the range of flavors and how to tell good from bad and indifferent
  • A structured tasting of important Tuscan wines with expert Ian d’Agata
  • A visit, in-depth tasting and delightful lunch with the wine-maker at a winery in the Chianti Rufina DOCG zone
  • A visit to a nearby producer of fine cheeses and salumi (prosciutto, salame, pancetta, etc.)
  • A visit to Tuscany’s greatest maker of knives of all descriptions, from butter knives to steak knives to butcher’s cleavers—and a chance to shop if you will for these fine products

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