Recipe for an Utterly Irresistible Macaroni and Cheese (WSJ Article by Nancy H. Jenkins)

Another recent article I wrote for the Wall Street Journal and posted this weekend.

Few people turn down mac ‘n’ cheese. But this recipe is so tempting it will set even the pickiest on the path to eating well. Think of it as the gateway pasta.

TODAY, MY DAUGHTER, Sara Jenkins, is a well-known chef and the owner of the restaurants Porsena and Porchetta in New York City. But as a child she was the very definition of a picky eater.

In the pickiness stakes, however, even Sara is outdone by her own son, my grandson, Nadir, now 8 years old. Nadir has about seven things that he will eat willingly, including lamb chops, cucumbers and blueberry pancakes. He does like pasta, but only with tomato sauce and nothing else. Well, maybe a teaspoon of grated cheese, mixed in so you don’t actually see it, and perhaps a clove of garlic gently simmered to the point that it too disappears into the smooth sauce. But that’s it.

Read full article on the Wall Street Journal HERE

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