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  • On to Another Book–

    My new book got off to a roaring good start this weekend when I made an outstanding duck ragu to go with pappardelle in a hearty, old-fashioned dish from Arezzo, our neighboring…

  • Zuppa delle virtu--farro, chickpeas, fagioli del purgatorio + fresh fave & piselli

    La cucina di Salvatore

    Salvatore Denaro, a great Sicilian-Umbrian chef, joined our Tuscan cooking classes at Villa Campestri (Speaking Tuscan in the Kitchen/AmorOlio May 2012), and gave us a whole new repertoire of very beany spring…

  • maine shrimp

    Maine Shrimp Ceviche

    Maine shrimps, because they’re naturally so tender, should marinate only briefly, so don’t try to do this in advance. More than 30 minutes in lime juice and you risk turning them to…