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  • Okra, you said?

    I went looking for a recipe for okra, which I only make once or twice a summer when this odd, pod-shaped vegetable is in season. (I mean, in season in Maine; although…

  • Eat More Fish!

    To continue my saga of cooking fish, how easy it is to produce, and how good it is to have on our tables, I offer an exceptionally simple oven-roasted salmon fillet, quick…

  • Freaky

    You’ve heard of farro and kamut, of bulgur and burghul. Now here’s freekeh, aka farik, to add its deliciously smoky flavor to winter soups and salads.

  • The Green Door

    The Green Door

    So my friend  said: “You have GOT to go to the Green Door. It’s the greatest pizza anywhere!” So today I finally did and it was a most unusual experience. In through…