cover-the-four-seasons-of-pastaThe Four Seasons of Pasta

More than 120 pasta recipes focused on seasonal ingredients.

In The Four Seasons of Pasta, Sara Jenkins and Nancy Harmon Jenkins celebrate the Italian native that has become a beloved American staple. There are few ingredients in a cook’s pantry that beat out pasta—for tastiness, for ease of preparation, for versatility, and for sheer delight.  Sara and her mom draw on their own background in Italy, where they’ve lived, cooked, studied, and worked in Rome and Florence, and on a Tuscan olive farm for many years.The Four Seasons of Pasta brings together more than 120 recipes focused on seasonal ingredients from supermarkets to farmstands across America.

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What Mario Batali said about our book: The Jenkinses are a treasure of Italian cooking in America. They are bastions of all that is good: simplicity, freshness and harmony. This new collection strips the philosophy to its most basic elements: dressing pasta based on what is fresh and what will settle your soul. I’ll be using it as a calendar.Chef Mario Batali

What Alice Waters said about our book: “Every time Nancy writes a book it is an inspiration, because she goes into each subject with such enthusiasm and depth. And Sara is a wonderfully talented and intuitive chef. It is no surprise, then, Nancy and Sara have together created a beautifully approachable book that captures the vibrancy, traditions and remarkable versatility of pasta.”  Chef Alice Waters

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 3.01.30 PMVirgin Territory: Exploring the World of Olive Oil

An illuminating look at olive oil with 100 recipes from the country’s leading authority on the subject

Olive oil is more popular than ever, thanks to its therapeutic and preventative effects in treating different diseases, as well as the growing variety of brands and imports available. Nancy Harmon Jenkins, arguably the leading authority on olive oil and the healthy Mediterranean diet, presents more than 100 dishes that showcase olive oil, ranging from soups to seafood to sauces to sweets.

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 The Essential Mediterranean: How Regional Cooks Transform Key Ingredients into the World’s Favorite Cuisines The Essential Mediterranean

How Regional Cooks Transform Key Ingredients into the World’s Favorite Cuisines

HarperCollins (Morrow) New York: 2003
In this book, I wanted to look at a selection of primary resources for Mediterranean cooking—everything from sea salt to sheep’s milk cheeses, from pasta to sweet red peppers—in order to understand not just what makes each of these great but also how cooks throughout the Mediterranean put these resources to the finest uses imaginable . . .

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Flavors of TuscanyFlavors of Tuscany

Broadway Books, New York: 1998
From the moment I first set foot in Tuscany 40 years ago, I knew this was a place I wanted to be; and from the moment I first tasted panzanella salad, ribollita, bistecca fiorentina, and crostini neri, I knew that Tuscan food was what I wanted to cook, to eat, to feed to my family and my friends . . .

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Flavors of PugliaFlavors of Puglia

Broadway Books, New York: 1997 Congedo Editore, Galatina (LE): 2006
The heel of the Italian boot, long, skinny, almost surrounded by the sea—that’s Puglia, little known to Americans but one of the most exciting regions in all of Italy, a place where olive oil reigns in the kitchen and at the table, where the seafood is immaculate, where lemons and oranges, garlic, oregano, wild chicory and sweet eggplant, and the most amazing tomatoes and artichokes, all grow in happy profusion . . .

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The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: A Delicious Alternative for Lifelong HealthThe New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

A Delicious Alternative for Lifelong Health

Bantam, New York: 2009
The first edition of this now classic cookbook came out in 1994. It was my direct response to the excitement created by the first Mediterranean diet conference, sponsored by Oldways and the Harvard School of Public Health, in which I also played a part . . .

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Cucina del Sole: Celebrating the Cuisines of Southern ItalyCucina del Sole

Celebrating the Cuisines of Southern Italy

Southern Italy—Sicily, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, and Campania—has always fascinated me both for its roots in Mediterranean history and for the way this Mezzogiorno region represents Italian cuisine in purezza, at its authentic best, with deliciously simple pasta dishes, great pizzas and focaccias, a healthy array of Mediterranean seafood, and an incredible garden of vegetables.

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