The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: A Delicious Alternative for Lifelong Health

Bantam, New York: 2009
The first edition of this now classic cookbook came out in 1994. It was my direct response to the excitement created by the first Mediterranean diet conference, sponsored by Oldways and the Harvard School of Public Health, in which I also played a part. At that conference, clear, irrefutable evidence was presented for the scientific basis for health claims about the traditional Mediterranean diet.

In 2009, I updated the book. Why? Two reasons: Even more evidence has accumulated about the extraordinary virtues of this delicious way of eating which includes loads of fresh vegetables and lots of extra-virgin olive oil; beyond that, I felt that some recipes were less user-friendly than others and I wanted to amend that. So the newest edition has many new recipes that are fun and easy, especially for home cooks, and much new information to convince anyone who remains skeptical of the wonders of eating Mediterranean-style.

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