Blogging: Food Writing Challenge

Blogging is, for so many of us, a mysterious area of food writing. For those like me who are technologically challenged, getting into blogging is not easy, but it can offer tremendous advantages—a chance to get your voice out there where people can hear you, as well as the enormous satisfaction of writing anything you want about your (and my) favorite subject, food. We’ll spend time talking about blogging during my week-long food writing seminar, The Craft of Writing Food, at Maine Media Workshops in Rockport in July. For more information or to register, go here:

But getting started with a blog can be a bit daunting. I’ll start off with Dianne Jacob’s nicely described set of instructions (see her blog here: “Blogging,” Dianne says, “is the most exciting area of food writing today. . . . There’s immediacy to [the] writing, a kinship among fellow bloggers, and exhilaration in saying whatever they want, unfettered by editors.” I also plan to have a local guest expert in to answer any and all of your blogging questions, from “how do I set up a web site?” to “how can I get more traffic?” to “is there a book contract in here somewhere?”

Join me for this very special week-long adventure in all aspects of food writing—blogging, yes, but also feature writing, profiles,
recipe development, restaurant reviewing and much more. We’ll have other guests in too, to discuss and comment on your work and help you get started.

It promises to be a fun, interesting, provocative and educational week, and we’ll take advantage as well of the enormous beauty of the coast of Maine in the summertime and the surprising food opportunities presented by this dynamic region.

A reminder: for more information, including dates, price, registration, go here

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